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Rent a Cars Baku takes first place in the Azerbaijan rental car market. And we could offer you cars from different classes with discounts.

We offer the following Baku rent a car services:

– Rent a car for a short & long time without a driver
– Hire a car with a driver
– Rental VIP cars & wedding cars
– Rent a bus & minibus
– City and regional transfer services
– Business transfer
– Transport service for private and public events
– Meetings at the airport

Hiring a car has never been easier than with us!
Try our services today and enjoy your stay in Baku, Azerbaijan.



Our company, which has been providing quality transfer and car rental services to its customers with its determination and experience in the sector for a long time, is located in Baku. Due to the fact that Baku is developed in many ways, our guests come to the city for business meetings or touristic trips. Our company Rent a Cars Baku is always happy to help all its guests leave our city in a satisfied manner with the quality and reliable car rental service it provides. There are vehicles of different brands in the fleet of our company and we have more than 200 vehicles. For all the needs of our guests, each of our economy class, SUV, VIP or luxury vehicles in our fleet are in new models and well-maintained.

rent a car hyundai accent 2019

Our company, which has experience in the car rental sector since 2007, aims to provide the highest quality and reliable service to all its customers. Our company, located in Baku, the developed and busiest city of Azerbaijan, offers its customers a comfortable and convenient transportation with its well-equipped, expert and friendly staff. Due to the fact that Baku is quite developed in terms of trade and industry, we have a large number of guests coming from abroad for business trips. All our guests who come for a business trip or meeting can benefit from the business class car rental service that our company Rent a Cars Baku will offer them. Our company, which has more than 200 vehicles, has new models, well-maintained and clean vehicles of various brands and for all kinds of needs in its fleet.

Rent a Car Mercedes S 63 AMG 2019

As a Rent a Cars Baku company, which has been serving its customers with honest, quality and affordable prices for many years with its experience in the car rental and transfer sector, we work with a focus on customer satisfaction. It is our greatest pleasure to meet the expectations of our customers and to provide the appropriate vehicle. Our company, which was established in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, in 2007, has been continuing its services since then and is one of the leading companies in the sector. Our company aims to provide you with a service in line with your wishes with its more than 200 luxury, VIP, economic, SUV style new models and comfortable vehicles. As Rent a Car, we recommend renting an SUV to our guests who come to our city for holiday or business trips and prioritize comfort and convenience. SUV models are very suitable for our customers who are looking for a luxury and comfortable vehicle that is both flashy and modern.

Rent a Car Land Rover Range Rover 2020

Our company Rent a Car Baku, which has been serving in Baku for many years, continues its services as a leader in the car rental and transfer sector with its expert staff and the latest model equipped vehicles. Our company, which works customer-oriented and aims to fulfill the expectations of its customers perfectly, provides car rental services in the model and size they want to all our guests who come to Baku. In our fleet, which has more than 200 vehicles, we have VIP, economy, luxury class vehicles, as well as minibuses and buses that our customers can choose for transfer services for weddings and different organizations. Our minibuses and buses, which are mostly preferred by group trips, large groups from abroad, large families and various organizations, are offered to our customers in a new model, well-maintained and very clean way.

Rent a Car Mercedes Viano 2018

Our company Rent a Car Baku has been a leader in the sector since 2007 with its experience, honesty and seamless transfer and car rental service to its customers. Our company, which focuses on customer satisfaction, has always aimed to improve and renew itself in order to provide you with the highest quality service. Rent a Car, which does not know unlimited in service in order to meet all kinds of expectations of its customers, offers comfortable transportation with its more than 200 vehicles in various models. Located in a busy city like Baku, our company also provides VIP class car rental services to our guests, both here and abroad. A VIP class car means that a luxury vehicle is at your service during your trip. If you are among those who prefer comfort and luxury, our company can provide you with a properly equipped VIP vehicle, daily or for a longer period such as a month.

Rent a Car Maserati Quattroporte 2014

Our Rent a Car Baku company, which is customer-oriented and aims to fulfill the satisfaction and expectations of its customers perfectly, has been providing car rental services with its experience since 2007. Our company, which was established in Baku, which is the capital of Azerbaijan and the most developed city in terms of culture and trade, continues its services with its reliable and friendly staff and large vehicle fleet. As Baku is a very busy city, it hosts many guests coming from outside for both business trips and sightseeing. All our guests who come to Baku for tourism or business purposes can get a car rental service from our company in order not to have transportation problems during their stay here. Especially for our customers who love comfort, convenience and luxury during their travels, we have the latest model luxury vehicles in our fleet. Our company provides you with luxury class car service with the features and equipment you want with more than 200 vehicles.

Rent a Car Baku Bentley Flying Spur 2014

Car Rental (Rent a Cars Baku) Service

Our company Rent a Cars Baku which located in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan the most important trade and cultural center of the Caucasus, offers rent a car services to its customers with its long years of experience.  Our company, which has been continuing its rent a car and transfer services since 2007, is trying to meet the expectations of its customers in the best way with more than 200 luxury and VIP car in its vehicle fleet.

  All of our vehicles in our company are offered to our customers in a very well-maintained, new model and best condition.  In addition, when our customers want an extra feature during their visit, our company takes care to fulfill it completely.  As Baku Rent a Cars, we always aim to satisfy our customers and meet their expectations in the best way with the experience and expertise we have gained.

 As Baku Rent a Cars, we provide our customers with rent a car service as well as transfer service from the place they want to their destination.  In fact, it is much more convenient and easier to get a transfer service, especially for customers who are coming from abroad, instead of driving in a city they do not know.  For this reason, our company takes our customers who prefer the transfer service with its experienced drivers from wherever they want and transports them safely to the place they want.  Since it is the most important principle of our company not to keep our customers waiting and to deliver them to their destinations on time, we are attentive to clear and precise appointment times and places.  Otherwise, as Rent a Cars Baku, we never want unwanted delays.

 Rent A Cars Baku VIP Service

 In addition to rent a car services, our company also provides transfer services with VIP cars.  Our VIP vehicles, which provide an extremely comfortable and convenient transportation with the equipment that our customers want, will be at your service at the time and place you make an appointment without waiting.  We also have equipped VIP vehicles that we can adjust to the desired size for our guests who come to Baku as a large group or family.  According to the wishes of our customers, we also provide airline rent a car service with our VIP vehicles, and our specially prepared vehicle will be at the airport to meet you on time.  Our reliable chauffeurs will meet you when you get off the plane and provide VIP transfer service, and will deliver you to your hotel or business meeting on time in the most comfortable way.  It is highly preferred that our guests coming from abroad will provide timely transportation in a city they do not know, without having to have an address problem.  To benefit from all of our services, you can always contact us at the phone numbers on our website and request an appointment.  You can even visit our company and meet our staff and see our vehicles.  As Rent a Cars Baku, it is very important for us that our customers are happy with our service and leave with a smiling face, and for this reason, we try to do our best to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

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